Newsoil Production Process

Newsoil transforms disposable marine clay into alternative soil-replacement products. Patented machinery has allowed for Newsoil to be customized for a variety of purposes including reclamation and pavement construction.


How can Newsoil help us?

Current reclamation techniques are harmful to the coastal environment. So, why don’t we convert unusable marine clay that exists around us into something more useful?


Up to 40% of Marine Clay can be found in

Singapore’s Geological Profile in the Kallang and Old Alluvium Profile.

Countries have banned the exportation for disposal of marine clay making it difficult to dispose.


Economical Costs of Disposal


Excavated area requires backfill and additional cost of importing materials


Unusable marine clay leads to massive stockpile and wastage of space

Newsoil thus Greater Sustainability

Newsoil Production Process

Newsoil converts unusable marine clay to a usable soil replacement product. With the right addition of admixture ratios and mixing machinery, raw marine clay can be converted to Pellet-Like-Material (PLM).

PLM is customizable and versatile for stable soft foundation replacement and landfill uses. Our extruder also ensures that mechanical properties of PLM produced, such as texture and shape, are consistent.

Newsoil production machinery is patented and is specifically produced for this conversion process.